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About Us

About us

Dolce Vita is a coffee for a Happy Life.

Food is love. It bring together family, friends, and strangers. It combines many cultures and traditions.

We believe that LOVE is a verb! We serve love to our customers: we care about their taste and their wishes. We seek to understand what they like.

Dolce Vita connects people and ideas. Provides worm, peaceful place for everyone to enjoy the moment of life with a cup of aroma coffee and a tasty bite. It lets you dive in the melody of your heart, enjoy the company of your partner, fell his soul and understand his thoughts. Get lost in your dreams, get the courage to believe in yourself and appreciate life.

You belong to this place, it is your place, your home. It is a different kind of coffee – it is your home coffee.

Private Events & Catering

Interested in creating your private event with a professional chef cooking for you?

For any group, private dining, exclusive hires or wedding reception enquiries please contact our Events Team on 0113-3457956 or via email:

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287 Beeston Road - LS11 7HX - Leeds